The kimono footie with feet & detailed bow is designed with snap buttons from top to bottom for easy changing. It also has fold over hand mittens to prevent scratching for sizes: NB & 1-3M.


  • 50: NB
  • 56: 1-3m

1. Exceptional growing conditions:

Pima cotton is grown in northern coastal valleys of Peru, where the soil is rich and the plants are allowed to soak up the ideal amount of moisture and thrive at near-perfect equatorial temperatures.

2. Harvested with care:

Industrial harvesting, used on most cotton, breaks down cotton fibers with harsh chemicals and leave scratchy impurities. Pima cotton is harvested by hand that doesn’t result in damage to the fiber, which is better for the cotton and better for the environment. Win – win!

3. Lasting durability:

It has a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products. Pima cotton fibers are twice the length (2 inches long) of conventional cotton fibers (1 inch long). It makes super soft and super durable clothing that holds its colors and shape wash after wash and makes heirloom-quality hand-me-downs.

4. Safe for sensitive skin:

Pima is hypoallergenic, resistant to pilling and doesn’t produce lint. It grows free from pesticide and synthetic fertilizers which makes them ideal for the most sensitive skin types.

5. Oh so soft and cosy:

The fineness of the fibers means Pima cotton is extra absorbent and breathable, so it will keep those little ones warm, cool and dry all together.